Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Problem Collection Day

Next Wednesday at Vantage we will have a big dumpster in the commons where we can dump all our problems. Everyone will be invited down to the commons during their advantage period time and allowed to throw their problems in the dumpster. HOWEVER, once the dumpster is filled, you will then have to go back to the dumpster and randomly choose one other persons problem and make it your own. Now think about what I just said... That doesn't sound very appealing does it? Okay, Okay, this is not really happening but it is food for thought.

See, so many times in our life we wish that all our problems would just go away. We wish we didn't have to battle through them. They seem to break us and take us to our limit. But if you really think about it, so many things that we have gone through in life have made us the person we are today. They make us a better person than who we were. When we face our problems and struggle through them, they make us a stronger person.

This concept that I came up with for this blog started at lunch yesterday when Mr. Darrell Miller and I were complaining about some of our physical ailments and things that are hurting. We discussed the problems we have to deal with in our own health and how they affect us. We then started looking around the lunch room and realized that many of these students deal with a lot tougher stuff then we ever have to. It made me realize that maybe we are not so bad off and it made me wonder, "would we want to trade our problems with others". I came to the conclusion that I think many of you may come to, and that answer is no. First of all, let me be clear. I realize someone with a life threatening illness would switch in a heartbeat with anyone else, I understand that and I am not down playing that issue. But what I am trying to say is, we all have problems and issues that we have to deal with on a daily basis. That's the funny thing about life, it is never easy. However, what is easy, is to think that you are the only one hurting or the only one that has to deal with problems on a daily basis. That simply is not true. I can almost say with certainty, that everyone has some worry or concern on their mind everyday. If we keep that in mind and think about that when we are hurting, maybe we won't feel so alone or be afraid to talk with someone about the problem. You may be surprised when you open up to a friend or to a classmate and realize that they have had to deal with a similar situation and now are ready to help you through that same problem. Maybe because of the things you have gone through in life, you may be able to help someone who is facing that same type of problem.

So no, we are not having a dumpster in our commons area for you to dump your problems off. That might be nice but it isn't reality. What is reality is that you will have problems in life, but you are not alone. Second, these problems will make you stronger and a better person. Third, you don't have to handle them on your own. You have friends and classmates to talk with, open up to family members, and of course you are always welcome to come talk with me. Remember, problems ignored grow. Solutions ignored disappear.

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