Thursday, April 28, 2016

16 And Counting

Can you believe it? That's right, the seniors have 16 days of school left this year. It has been officially announced that May 23rd will be our seniors awards assembly at 9:30 am at the Niswonger Performing Arts Center here in Van Wert. I think that is going to be so exciting for our students and their families. I want to thank Mr. Winans for spearheading this and always trying to make our awards ceremony a very special and classy celebration. I also would like to thank Van Wert high school for working with Mr. Winans to make this happen. With all the extra room we will have this year, I would hope you would invite your parents/guardians, grandparents or anyone else that has helped you along this journey that started almost 13 years ago.

Sixteen days! Wow, that means you have just 16 days to soak up and enjoy your high school career. Yesterday interim grades were made official. If you have any classes that you are not passing at this point, you better figure out what needs to be done in the next four weeks so that you can graduate with your class. Please don't give up and please come see me if you are not sure or if you need some help. I guess it's time for the sports analogies now; ladies and gentleman, many football games have been lost in the final minute, you must play the entire 60 minutes. Don't ease up even for a minute. Or if you are into baseball; ladies and gentleman, some of the greatest comebacks in baseball have been in the final inning. Don't quit playing hard now, finish strong. Well, you get the idea, I hope you will finish your senior year strong. 16 days is all you have left to complete. I know all of you can work hard for just 16 days.

I have reviewed the senior surveys and I am so pleased that there are so many of you who have plans for next year. Some of you will be going off to college, work or to the military. I hope that whatever you do, that you work very hard next year and in the future. For those of you who indicated that you do not have any plans, Mr. Knott has gone above and beyond what we have done in the past for you select few. I believe there are 22 students at this time who do not have plans for next year. Mr. Knott has invited Interim Personnel Temp Agency into our school to meet with those students and try to get a job for everyone of you. Listen to the announcements for this future date.

Well sixteen days is going to go fast. Make the final push to have a strong finish and you will never regret it. Take care and have a great weekend!

P.S. I noticed that this was my 100th blog today. I really enjoy writing this and have enjoyed so many of the kind comments from so many. I appreciate everyone of you who take the time to read this. It humbles me when I see the number of readers. Thanks again, your the best!

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