Friday, November 20, 2015

Digital Footprint & College Admissions

As a school community there has been a significant amount of time and emphasis encouraging students to be smart about your digital footprint - the information that you are posting and sharing through various social media outlets. As a component of that, we have often mentioned that the internet and social media can impact your college admissions, scholarship offerings or even various job offerings. Below are a few articles that speak to this:

Colleges are spying on applicants by quietly tracking them across the internet.

Number of Employees Passing On Applicants Due To Social Media Posts.

This is a perfect time to pause and critically look at your digital footprint and consider what it is saying about you and the impression you are giving to future college admissions officers, scholarship committee members, and potential employers. Please make smart choices about what you post online.
I would like to thank a fellow counselor of mine, Brianna, for this great advice.

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