Monday, September 21, 2015

College Night

We have a pretty exciting night coming up this Wednesday evening in our commons area here at Vantage. I hope by now you have heard the messages, received the tweets and saw the announcements on Facebook regarding our college night. I want to mention it in my blog because I feel it is such a great benefit for both our juniors and seniors. So what is college night all about? Let me give you some frequently asked questions that have been asked of me:

1) What is college night all about? College night is a chance for the students to meet with several different college representatives all in one place. The student does not have to miss any school and also saves gas money because you don't have to drive to all those different colleges to speak with a representative.

2) How many different colleges will be here? We will have over 40 representatives from various colleges and universities.

3) Will the Military be here? Yes. There will be at least two military branches represented.

4) Can my parents/guardians come? Yes, they are more than welcome and in fact I highly recommend that if they are available, that they come with you.

5) Is this just for Vantage students? No. This is held in our Van Wert district so students from Van Wert, Crestview, Lincolnview and Vantage will all be here that night.

6) What should I expect? When you walk into our commons that night, it will look quite different. Tables are set up all along the walls and in the middle of the commons. We will also have several rows of round tables and tables on the stage. It is quite crowded.  The colleges will have their school name/logo banner draped over the table and the reps will be standing around the table. You will also see your home school counselor here that night.

7) How do I talk with the college rep? As you walk around the college fair, you will see all the different schools. If you see a school that you have an interest in or would like to know more about, then just walk up to the table and begin speaking with the representative. Once in awhile there may be a small line. You can wait your turn or walk around and check back when you see the rep is not busy.

8) Do the representatives bug you or are they pushy? No, not at all. All of the representatives have done a lot of these college nights and are very polite and nice. If you want to just grab a brochure and move on, that is no problem. They may say "good evening" or ask how you are doing, but it is very easy to smile, respond and move on.

9) What happens after the college night? What should I do? Well some of the colleges may ask you to fill out a card if you show some interest. That is so they can get hold of you later on. If you fill out any cards, then you can expect a call from them. However, I suggest that you talk to as many representatives as you can, grab as much information as you can and then go home and look through everything. When you see a college that has what you are interested in and it looks like a place that you would like to attend, then get hold of them and set up a college visit. Remember, you have two college visits every year that are not counted against your attendance. (Don't forget to pick up the form from the front office if you are going on a visit).

Well I hope to see a lot of you here on Wednesday evening, 6:30 pm until 8:00 pm. It's a great night to visit 40 + colleges and only have to drive as far as Vantage. Set a reminder on your phone!

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