Thursday, December 7, 2017

Fine Young Men

I am writing this blog today to let you know how proud I am of two young men who attend Vantage. Both of these fine young men have worked hard over the last year to earn the highest rank in the National Boy Scout organization, an Eagle Scout. I am talking about Alex Myers and Dylan Schimmoeller, both from Kalida High School and attending Vantage Career Center. Alex is in our Senior Auto Tech program and Dylan is in our Senior Carpentry program. According to the National Eagle Scout Association, only about 5% of all Boy Scouts earn the rank of Eagle Scout. To become an Eagle Scout, you must earn a total of at least 21 merit badges, including the following: First Aid, Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the World, Communication, Personal Fitness, Emergency Preparedness, Environmental Science, Personal Management, Swimming (Hiking or Cycling), Camping, Cooking and Family Life. They are also required to complete a service project.

Alex Meyers did his service project at the new Kalida park by the Pony League diamond. Alex built a batting cage that will be able to be used by all the youth in the area. Alex stated that he has about 500 hours into the project and had to raise between $6000 - $7000. Alex had a lot of the equipment donated and also had to send out letters and visit various businesses trying to raise the money. He mentioned to me that he received $1500 from the Cincinnati Reds organization. The entire idea for this project and all the planning was Alex's idea. I hope if you are in the area, you would stop by and see what a great job Alex did and all the hard work that was put into this awesome project. Congratulations Alex!

Dylan Schimmoeller also did his service project at the Kalida park. His project is a beautiful sitting area that is shaped like a gazebo but has four swinging benches surrounding the edges. Please look carefully at the picture as words cannot describe this beautiful project. Dylan has spent almost five months on the project and raised $10,000. Dylan also did this through sending letters to companies, donations and any other means he could to help pay for this. This sitting area also was Dylan's own idea and he planned the entire project. You can tell his work in the Carpentry lab really paid off when you see this project in person. Congratulations Dylan!

Like I said, I am so very proud of both of these fine young men. If you had a chance to speak with them on a regular basis like I do, you would see that these projects aren't surprising. These are two of the kindest, most polite and outstanding young men that you will ever meet. It is my pleasure that I have gotten to know them both over the last two years. I hope if you see them around the school, you will ask them about their projects and congratulate them on achieving the rank of Eagle Scout. Once again Alex and Dylan, congratulations on your new Eagle Scout ranking.

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