Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Giving Thanks at Christmas

Well we are only two days away from our Christmas break. I know many of you have had finals yesterday and today and will be relieved when they are over. I hope everyone studied hard and will be happy with their results. Friday should be a fun day around school and I hope everyone will enjoy themselves but also still respect the school rules and regulations. I want to wish each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year. I will not be blogging over the break so we will catch back up with everything after the new year begins.

As I was thinking about the first semester and reflecting on all that has been accomplished around the school, I thought I would share some thoughts with you and also some of the things that I am so very grateful for as we head into the second semester. I actually thought about each lab that we have here and what has been going on in the labs since August 19th.

Auto Body: If you really want to see some talent, go down to their lab and look at some of the painted hoods and designs that they come up with. Fantastic

Auto Tech: This may be a small group but boy do they accomplish a lot. So many cars come and go out of this lab. Head down there and take a look at the 1928 Chevy that they are completely restoring. They have the lights working, engine running and can now drive it around. This car was not even close to running when it was brought in. Nice job guys.

Ag & Industrial Power: First of all congrats on the fruit sales. This is a huge task that they undertake each year around Christmas and this year was no different. Great job. I wonder how many small engines they have repaired for others this year. Lawn mowers, snow blowers, riders, tractors; it is always something else when you walk in that lab. This along with the big tractors, trucks, diesels, etc...

Building & Grounds: This group kept this place looking beautiful all year so far. The outside yard has never looked better and when they use the "Zamboni" in the hallways and commons, they look great. I also would like to mention the great job they all did on the candy machines they built for the Toss-a-Toy event. Those things are really cool.

Carpentry: Once again, the carpentry team is going hard building a new house. This year it just happens to be for one of our very own- Mrs. Drerup. If you get a chance to stop by, you will be stunned at how much has been accomplished already. Not only are our seniors building it but you will also see the juniors hammering and nailing like they have been doing it forever.

Electricity: Mr White really has his two groups busy this year. He is not only beginning to teach and train them in the new NCCER standards but they also have been going out to the new house and helping the carpentry program. They are doing all the wiring for Mrs Drerups house and making sure everything is to code.

Industrial Mechanics: This group has to be the "king" of outside projects. They are doing so much for the school and the community that it is really worth a pat on the back. They have built fire rings that we are selling at the home school basketball games and donating the money back to the home schools. They made 13 fire rings this year. They also built some outstanding tool box racks for the Kennedy Manufacturing group here in Van Wert. The racks will be shipped out on Friday and they are built first class.

Precision Machine: The juniors and seniors are a great group and working hard every day. The seniors are finishing up their vices for the semester project and will soon be concentrating more on the CNC's. Talking to Mr. Ray, all but one senior now has a job in the field. Every senior will be working not only the second semester but have a job after graduation.

Welding: What can you say about this group. If they keep up the pace they are going, they will be a record setting "certification" class. They obviously will not get certified until later but they are well on their way to setting a new record for certifications in a single class. Once their "coupons" get certified and tested, I will give you an update.

Cosmetology: The seniors are doing a great job of running the "Avantage Salon" which is open twice a week. They have been very busy with customers throughout the year. The juniors are finishing up working with their mannequins and will soon be working on other classmates. How exciting for them.

Culinary Arts: What a whirlwind month it has been for this group. With the Thanksgiving buffet and with this weeks Christmas buffet, they have been extremely busy or should we say "crazy". Everything went well and the public absolutely loves coming in here to eat. The "Cup-n-Saucer" is a big hit during the holidays. Nice work everyone!

Early Childhood Education: If you ever have a stressful day and need a break, stop on down to the Early Childhood program. To watch our students interact with all these little toddlers, will just warm your heart. Each student gives so much of themselves and treats each child like they are their own. These students will be very successful in life. Mrs O and Mrs Myers do a great job with them.

Medical Office Management: Not only has this group helped with the "Day of Caring" like they do every year but this year Mrs VanTilbug introduced a "challenge" with Braun Industries. Because of this challenge, over 4500 items were donated to the food pantry by both groups, and an additional $1600 was raised to purchase more groceries. I would also like to add, if you ever walk into this lab, it is one of the most professional acting groups of students we have. They are always working and quiet when I stop by but they will gladly talk to you about what they are doing.

Senior/Junior Health Careers: As always, what a hard working couple of groups these students are. The juniors seem to always be testing or getting ready for some check off or test. LOL. I'm sure if you ask them, they might feel that way but they are getting really prepared for their STNA testing. This lab is fun to walk through when they are doing check-offs. The seniors are just plain busy. They start off with the blood drive, they do clinicals and now they are getting ready to go out on their job shadowing. I have always said that when these students are done with Mrs. Carey and Mrs. Rohrs, I would never be afraid to have them come into my room if I was hospitalized. They are prepared!

Interactive Media: This is a small group with a lot of energy. I don't know how many people realize this but Interactive Media is the group that puts together our school yearbook. This year they are working with Jostens and I am sure it will be another great one. Stop in this lab some time and just ask the students what they are doing, it is neat to see all the different projects. If they have time, have them demonstrate their new 3D printer.

Network Systems: First of all congratulations to this group for placing 1st and 2nd in the UNOH scholarship testing this year. 1st place receives full tuition and second place receives $5000. If you are interested in the latest gaming technologies, you must stop in this lab. Check out the games they are designing or the new OCULUS  Rift system they just received. This is a fun lab with a lot going on.

Wow. I didn't realize this blog would be so long but it is only because all of you students have done so much in just one semester. I can't wait for the second semester to start. You guys are awesome! Have a great holiday and enjoy the time off.

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