Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Change Is Good

First of all I would like to say welcome to all the new students at Vantage, the class of 2019. What an exciting day this past Monday was. We welcomed the new Juniors to their very first day as Vantage students. There was such a positive vibe around the building that day and the students seemed really excited to be starting the new year in a new school. Of course there always are the moments of anxiousness and confusion trying to find a classroom or locker or the awkwardness of finding friends to sit with at lunchtime. However, it all turned out great and I heard some wonderful comments throughout the day.

The following day we welcomed back the Seniors as they got ready for their final year of high school. It was great striking up conversations and finding out what so many of them have been up to all summer. It seemed that a lot of our students worked over the summer, so they were actually looking for a break by going back to school and sleeping in a little later. It is a pleasure to have all of you back and I am truly looking forward to all the great things that will be done around Vantage this year.

I really give our students credit because they had to make the hard decision to leave their friends at their home school, and leave their comfort zone, to become Vantage students. There are so many reasons for students leaving their home school and choosing Vantage, but over and over, I hear that they wanted a change. They were looking to further their career goals, they heard that many past students are working all over the area and are being successful. Some students mention that they had a hard time back at their home school and wanted to come out here for a fresh start. All of these are great reasons for choosing Vantage, and wanting to make a positive change in ones life is an awesome goal.

The desire to change is what will help anyone grow in any area of their life. How many of us want improvement but we resist change. But you can't make improvements without making changes. Change is possible only if you want it badly enough. I read a quote recently from Fred Smith, the founder of Federal Express, "You are the way you are, because that's the way you want to be. If you really wanted to be any different, you'd be in the process of changing right now." Change is tough. It takes commitment, time, work and desire. One more quote from that same article mentioned that the Baltimore Orioles old manager, Earl Weaver, was unhappy with a call the umpire made, so he charged out of the dugout and yelled at him, "Are you gonna get any better, or is this it?

If we want to change, we must ask ourselves that same question. "Are you going to keep working and trying to get better, or is this as good as it gets? I hope all of you take advantage of the opportunities that you will have this year. Regardless of your last ten or eleven years of school, make changes so that this year is the best ever. Work hard, turn your homework in on time, be here everyday, be polite and most of all, be positive. You will be rewarded. Remember, change is good.

P.S. A big welcome to our new Superintendent, Mr. Rick Turner. Also, Mrs. Paula VanTilburg, Career Tech Supervisor,  Mr. Zachary Miller, Criminal Justice Instructor, Mrs. Heather Brickner, Intervention Specialist & Academic Instructor, Ms. Deb Richardson, Instructional Aide and finally Mrs Becky Markward, Cafeteria. So glad all of you made a great change in your careers.

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