Thursday, March 10, 2016

OGT's and THANKS !

Just a reminder that next week is OGT week for our students. All students who are scheduled to take the OGT test next week have been given their schedule. This schedule shows the date of their test, which room they will be taking the test in and the subject area. If you have not received a schedule and believe you still have an OGT test to pass, please see Mr. Knott or myself as soon as possible. Please take time to run some practice tests. These practice tests can be found at Ohio Means Jobs or a few of these links:

Secondly, I would like to send out a great big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the jeans day yesterday for Marius down in Haiti. As you may know, one of my recent blogs was about the health troubles that Marius is having and how he could really use our help financially. Well Matt Miller and the Haiti Interact club decided to have a jeans day to raise some money for Marius. I spoke with Matt at the end of the day and I am happy to say that we raised over $1230. This is so awesome. What a great school we have and how proud to be part of a special group. This money also includes funds from a chili lunch that some of the staff put together. Thanks goes out to all of those who helped organize that effort. I also wanted to send out a great big thank you to our local Rotary Club because during their meeting this past Tuesday, they raised $245 for Marius. This is such a generous move by the Rotary and it means so much to have their support. Thanks again Staci and the Rotary club.

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