Sunday, August 30, 2015

Let the Learning & Fun Begin

Wow, what a crazy busy week we just had. Monday all the juniors started school and the following day the seniors showed up for their final year. There were enough schedule changes to keep Mr. Knott and I busy for a couple days but I think everyone is where they should be. This is a reminder that any changes to your academic classes will have to be made this week. All labs are now set and we will only change labs in rare circumstances. If you are planning on switching classes, please remember to stop and see me or Mr. Knott before or after school or during lunch. Also, remember that we will discuss your situation and see if the move is in your best interest. Finally, Mr. Miller and I closed out the week with two days of orientations to every student in the building. We discussed student services, opportunities, discipline, attendance and expectations.

The media center is now open for business and Mrs. Knodel will be glad to show you around and explain the procedure for checking out books, etc. The students will also be coming down for a media center orientation very soon. You will do this with your English class and you will get a very thorough tour of everything that the media center has to offer. I hope you will take advantage of the media center this year. In my opinion, it is one of the finest media centers/libraries in all of our schools. There are so many resources for you to use and Mrs. Knodel and I work together on a lot of test sites, etc that you can use for OGT's, ACT's, ASVAB and many others. The media center is also a hopping place during lunch time. Many students head over to the media center after eating to jump in a game of checkers or chess or just lounge around on the comfortable furniture.

This week is also the opening of the Van Wert County Fair. I hope if you are at the fair, you will take some time to stop by the Vantage booth and say hello to whoever is working that day. The fair will take place September 2nd through the 7th.

The following week we will be celebrating Student Appreciation day. It is our way to thank all of you for choosing Vantage to finish off your high school education. We really do appreciate all of you and we want to say a big THANK YOU. Student Appreciation day is Friday, September 11th this year. We will have a lot of activities that day. I'm not sure exactly what will be going on yet but I know in the past we have had water balloon toss at some of the teachers, Ice bucket challenge, dance and gaming in the commons, plenty of food and of course the "car show". They have already made announcements for the car show, so if you are interested you need to sign up as soon as possible because the number of cars is limited. This is a really big event and there are some fantastic cars. The picture above is just a sample of what you will see. If you have more questions about "THE MAVERICK" just ask Mr. Wright, he will tell you all about it. Ask him to see some pictures of the car and how it looked last year. It was white, believe it or not.

Well, that is just some of the exciting things going on at Vantage this month. We will also have picture day on September 23rd. As I have said before, you made a great choice by coming to Vantage and we will do all we can to prepare you for college and/or the workforce. We just ask that you work hard while you are here, be respectful of our rules and show up everyday. It is a simple formula that really works. I promise you, you will not regret your time here. Have a great year!!!

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